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"Alix – The Art of Jacques Martin" exhibition

Address: Royal Museum of Art & History - Parc du Cinquantenaire, 10 - 1000 Brussels
Dates: from 14 September 2018 to 6 January 2019
Price: 10€ adults / 8€ groups and seniors / free under 18-year-old.

Out of all the characters in the world's comic strip hall of fame, Alix undoubtedly holds a special place. After having sold 12 million comic books and been translated into 15 languages, 2018 is a time for Alix to celebrate 70 years of success ever since it first appeared in the Tintin magazine on 16 September 1948. The Trojan Horse was released in 1988 and would be the last comic book drawn by Jacques Martin himself, but even after that, this young French-Roman hero continued to face countless perils, battled with the most diverse civilisations and managed to stay true to the creator's ideal of righteousness and justice.

Nowadays, Alix has been acknowledged as the true precursor of the Historical Comic genre. Behind that somewhat vague description, Jacques Martin deserves recognition for being the first to convey the importance of historical accuracy, which was the most distinctive feature of his stories.

The exhibition:

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Alix's creation, the Casterman publishing house has joined forces with the International Angoulême Comic Festival and the International City of Comics and Images to present an exceptional exhibition dedicated to the art of Jacques Martin.

This vast retrospective exhibition, Inaugurated during the festival in Angoulême on 25 January 2018, was on display at the Angoulême Comic Museum up to13 May 2018. With a collection of over 150 original works, the exhibition explores four decades of Jacques Martin's creations, from 1948 through to 1988. The display is structured around the central figure of Alix, and focuses on the singularity of Jacques Martin's art, from his first drawings in advertising to the consolidation of an extremely personal graphic and narrative style.

This is the first retrospective exhibition of its kind on such a large scale, representing the start of Alix's 70th anniversary celebrations.

With the Comic Festival just around the corner, the exhibition will be completely re-staged to be presented in Brussels at the Royal Cinquentanaire Museum, right amidst the venue's permanent collections: 150 original works will be arranged into themes to cover the wonderful work of Jacques Martin through the adventures of his legendary hero. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 14 September with the opening of the Comic Festival, and will remain on display until 6 January 2019.

Co‑produced by: 9th Art+, FIBD, the International Comic City, Casterman publishing and