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Nightmare masters: What happens when your flat is repaired by Pat and Mat

Pat & Mat (Czech & Slovak: Pat a Mat) is a Czechoslovak slapstick stop-motion animated series created by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek for Czechoslovak Television (later Ceska televize). The pilot first appeared in 1976, while the second episode Tapety began in 1979. The main characters of the series are two handymen, Pat and Mat, who are inventive but extremely clumsy. As of 2019, 117 episodes and 8 Miniepisodes of the show have been produced, and it has been syndicated in a large number of countries due to its lack of dialogue. 13 new episodes are in planning.

Here is a story about Pat & Mat

The nightmare There is no man who has not adapted the apartment, built a house, or decided on any smaller or bigger construction project without having a bad experience with the masters. We bring the confessions of people who have been uncomfortable, and for an understandable reason they wanted to remain anonymous.
Brain, heart, tumor ...

The reader from Zagreb has contracted the apartment adaptation with a specialized company that deals with the job. The contract defines the price and deadlines for the completion of the works and tells us that he had no doubt that the contractor would not obey it.

"But soon they started the problems, not having to go to work and apologies, so I can say that during the adaptation of the apartment I concluded that the masters are the most threatened occupation in Croatia," he says.

One allegedly had a stroke and did not appear at all, the plumber operated a tumor but was absent for only three days, the electrician allegedly survived the infarction he had recovered for two days and could not begin without it his work was parked to which another job had begun in the meantime, so the reader had to wait for a good two weeks.

"I arranged a deal with an entrepreneur who led and supervised the work, and all the others were his co-operatives. I do not know what it would have been like I did not do that because it was a problem and a delay, "said the reader." What happens when your flat is repaired by Pat and Mat

Due to the delay of a worker causing the delay, other readers were forced to look for some other masters to speed up their jobs. Most of the works were done correctly, the ceramic works were bad and the catastrophic was slight, because they rushed, so they had to fix it.

The ceramic began to adhere to the tiles on the wall where the architect did not foresee it because there was a space for the refrigerator in the room, which prompted the reader to wait another month for him to deliver this square of tiles from Italy.

He could have been penalized for a delay of ten percent of the total value of the contract, but said he had refused them less. But he noticed, and that everyone who refurbishes the apartments should pay attention to the fact that no master, except the electrician, looks at what the designer has designed, but does the way they think it is the best.
Pay for a dead craftsman

The second story is much simpler, but for customers and executives.

"My husband and I agreed with the master adaptation of the garage and the former barn behind the house we intended to transform into a summer kitchen, a tavern and a small apartment. The master recommended one acquaintance who, allegedly, was overjoyed at how the builder had repaired the roof. The master appeared, was very polite and professional, made a billboard on the items and started working very quickly. He and two other workers have been demolishing the walls for three days, according to the adaptation project, and then insisted that we pay him 20,000 kuna for the procurement of the material. We were opposed to this, because it was not agreed at first, but we were to give him a quick boost, because he said there was not enough in the account at the moment - the reader tells us.

After that, the team did not appear anymore. They first pleaded bad weather, and sickness, some other jobs that need to end. In the meantime, this couple found that the construction industry was shut down, that the owner was in debt and that the money could only be hoped for by the court.

"Fortunately, we have confirmation that he has received the money, but the problem is that we have not paid the bill for the building trade, which he said was extinguished, but he waits for the company registration decision, so we practically did it illegally - he recounts his embarrassment experience readers.

Please note that this text was translated from Croatian and may have errors.