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Sbagha Bagha Casablanca Street Art Festival

Notice to graffiti artists! This is where you have to register to try to participate in the 2TH BATTLE GRAFFITI SBAGHA BAGHA. But before here is a little reminder of the conditions:
- be over 16 years old and reside in Morocco.
- be available from 29 June to 1 July
- those who participated in the previous edition have the right to apply a second time (except the winner, of course)
- you must fill out the form correctly with photos of your work so that the jury can judge you, those who sent their facebook profiles will not be taken into account.
- good luck to everyone! The list of 12 selected participants will be published on 24 June.
People are ideal! Here is the link to you and try to share the past of my second hatred ideal to paint tanning!
Before you the rukum with some points:
- every artist or artist ideal of hatred can abide by the age of 16 years, living in Morocco and can bring white fạldạr from June 29 to 1
- participants can take the last turn 2017 again to take care of the winner! (need dowry)
- every participant has to build the the to look at something that is needed! Any Photos Ideal Artwork Diallo. Participants who kai-and professor fạsbwk just leave kẖạdw u consider!
- good luck to everyone! Gadi announce on artist 12 to participate on June 24th!