graphic artists in the arab countries

Bullets of the global Arab

Luz Gómez García

If 2011 was a crucial year in the rupture of Arab societies with their immediate past, I could not stop being in the literary field. The canonical certainties were shaken and the revolutionary airs brought to light the decomposition of intellectual elites that, sheltered from the regimencialist culture, had collapsed in the evanescence when not in the most direct servility. The novel as a hegemonic genre had aged rapidly, although not so long ago, just in the sixties, had ended the secular reign of poetry, considered by tradition "the archives of the Arabs." And just as it happened in the riots themselves, the Internet, new technologies and 70% of the population under 30 years old made the literary status quo unsustainable. In this context, graffiti and comics, so close and so different, became the chroniclers of the new times.

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