graphic artists in the arab countries

Artist of the week Kamal Zakour!

Our artist of the week Kamal Zakour from Algeria! He studied fine arts before starting a long journey with advertising and publication companies. He worked with Belgian author Etienne Schröder which resulted in a comic book collaboration called "Monsters" 2011. After that Zakour decicated himself to illustrating and comics since 2012 on his own expense. He is part of the magazine "Lab 619" which he contributes in every year since 2016. Today we are going to show you a sample from a comic "Dissonance" by Kamal and written by Abir Gasmi which was published in in the 9th issue of the Tunisian magazine Lab619, Identities.! Siamese pianists, renowned and acclaimed, owe their success to the fact that they play together, each with one hand. One day, a dissonance occurs, disturbing their harmony. They start to play each on his own, getting slowly away from one another, until they separate completely. But the music is lost, and so are they... Check his work out here: