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Exposition Homage A Abou Seoud Messadi

At the origin of the international comic book of tazarka, Abu Seoud Messadi, a cultural agitator known in the sphere of Tunisian Art.
Founder of the Association Book Association, film producer, activist, publisher and a strong defender of the right to culture and individual freedoms.
He has offered his native village a world of bubbles, colors and words since the 90 s until today, thus making it a hub for meetings and annual exchanges.
Abu Seoud left us at the beginning of the year.
An exhibition will pay tribute to him by retracing his journey, in his house, "the house of said", to greet his commitment for everything he has given through artist s' eyes, his writings, photographs and personal objects.
A tribute also to this house, witness to his passion and great generosity, which brought together his friends, guests and family members.
Amine, safe and wafee messadi