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Who is Zainab Fasiki, the artist who wants to break the taboos in Morocco?

By Rania Lâabid and Noursaid Gamal the 12/08/2018 at 17h43
Zainab Fasiki is an artist committed to the feminist cause and freedom of expression. Her latest project "Hshouma" aims to break the taboos regarding sex education in Morocco and combat misogynist stereotypes.

At the age of 24, Zainab Fasiki is an illustrator and writer who wants to break the taboos in Morocco. An engineer in mechanical training, the young woman decided for some time to devote herself entirely to comics. Through her drawings, the young woman advocates the freedom and emancipation of women.

His latest project entitled "Hshouma", written for the moment in English but soon in Darija aims to address taboos such as sex education, the culture of rape, sexual orientation, menstruation, or sex outside marriage ...

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