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Lebanese artist Lena Merhej presents her comic book 'Yogur con marmalade'

The Three Cultures Foundation, with the collaboration of Eastern and Mediterranean editions and the Al Fanar Foundation, organize the presentation of the Yogurt comic with jam or how my mother became Lebanese, of the renowned artist Lena Merhej.

Lena Merhej is the founder of the first comic magazine in the Arab world, Samandal, which is published in Lebanon. It is a key element of the Arab graphic novel, a means of artistic and literary expression that has conquered an important place in contemporary Arab culture and is also characterized by an important female presence, superior to many other artistic and higher branches, such time, to what happens in Europe.

Merhej presents us in Yogurt with jam, a beautiful story about her mother, a German from Hanover, where she portrays the "peaceful cohabitation of contradictions" that was her family and - perhaps not so peacefully - her country. An approach to the Arab world through the eyes of a woman from old Europe who shows that the East is not so far away: it also has memory, nostalgia and open wounds. (Alfonso Zapico, Babelia recommendation, El País)

Yogurt with jam, with translation by Mónica Carrión, is the first comic translated directly from Arabic. The illustrator and teacher of Fine Arts Inma Otero will officiate as presenter.

In addition, Lena Merhej will be in the morning at the Aljarafe School in a meeting with students of 3rd and 4th ESO.

Translation from Arabic to Spanish will be offered.

Sale of books and signature of copies after the presentation.

(Translated from spanish)