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Experimentation ✦ Book launch by Samandal

☆☆☆ THE EVENT ☆☆☆

Samandal comes back to you on Thursday December 20 with its new issue "EXPERIMENTATION" edited-in-chief by Alex Baladi.
Join us at 8 PM for a signing and drinking session, followed by a party to celebrate.

☆☆☆ DJ LINEUP ☆☆☆

Pimpa3000 - Ziad Nawfal - Aia Atoui - Jad Atoui

☆☆☆ THE BOOK ☆☆☆

4 authors = 4 scenarios
3 languages + 1 silent = 4 interpretations of each scenario
4 scenarios x 4 interpretations = 16 comic artists
16 comic artists x 8 pages comics = 128 comic pages
+ 4 pages by Alex Baladi and Mazen Kerbaj

4 texts by: Alex Baladi, Adeline Rosenstein, Samir Youssef and Abir Gasmi.

16 interpretations by: Cécile Köpfli, Jean-Michel Bertoyas, Nour Hifaoui, Raphaelle Macaron, Maurane Mazars, Pierre Schilling, Mohamad Kraytem, Jana Traboulsi, Lena Merhej, Aude Barrio de Soussa, Joseph Kai, Karen Keyrouz, Tracy Chahwan, Andreas Kundig + Ibn Al Rabin, Ghadi Ghosn and Alex Chauvel.

Covers by Sandra Ghosn and Helge Reumann
Inside covers by Barrack Rima
Title typographies by David Habchi
Graphic design and layout by Tala Safie
Event artwork by Sandra Ghosn

Book price: 25 000 LL

Sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, Ixsir wine and Zoukak Studio