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Tosh Fesh 7 Book Launch is Tomorrow!

Tosh Fesh 7 is out!

Like each year, we have published an anthology book presenting different comic artists and cartoonists from the Arab World. In this issue, you will find complete stories from Farid Nagy, Kamal Zakour, Mokhtar Zein, Abdullah Hadia, Leila Charafeddine and Noha Habaeib. As well as a retrospective of the remarkable cartoonists Diran Agemian, Abdul Ghani Dahdouh, Dijwar Ibrahim, Tawfiq Omrane, Imad Sanouni and Hani Abbas.

Join us for a round table moderated by Dr Lina Ghaibeh and Nour Fakhoury with Mohamad Kryatem, Karen Keyrouz, Omar Al Fil and Tracy Chahwan discussing the development of comics today in Lebanon, and how to improve it through a new generation. Each of these artists tried so far to make an impact in this scene, from giving comics workshops, to self-publishing and to creating comics collectives.

Location: Dar Bistro & Books,Clemenceau
Launch time: 6PM
Round table: 7PM
Book price: 6.00$