graphic artists in the arab countries

Call for Comics!

Become a Tosh Fesh Talent!

We will be selecting emerging graphic artists with great promise and will be granting them with the means to work on a project of their choosing by funding and publishing their project, as well as exhibiting it in international festivals and symposiums around the world as part of the Tosh Fesh family.

We will be accepting submissions for Short Comics of 16 pages.

To submit your proposal, please make sure to send the following details and requirements to

- Full name
- Contact number
- Email
- Address
- Script
- 3 final pages of your comic

The deadline for submissions is on the 4th of April, 2019.

If your proposal is selected, you will have to finalize the pages by the 1st of August, 2017.
Tosh Fesh will award you with $1,000 for your completed comics pages.

The selection will be done by Tosh Fesh team:

Nour Fakhoury
Member of Samandal and co-founder of Zeez collective

Aseel Sleiman
Senior Graphic Designer at Tosh Fesh

Thuraya Bahlwan
Junior Graphic Designer at Tosh Fesh

*The only criterion is that the applicant originates from or resides in an Arab country.