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Palestinian artist Mohammed Afifah, the most prominent winners of the Mahmoud Kahil Award

BEIRUT – The Mahmoud Kahil Award for Lebanese Picture and Caricatures announced the winners of its fourth edition on Monday, notably Palestinian Palestinian artist Mohammed Afifa.
Afifah won the prize in the political caricature category, the most prominent category of the five categories of the prize and $ 10 thousand dollars.
"I am interested in asking questions and motivating the recipient to question the most important issues, of which the most important are political humanitarian issues, especially Palestine, freedom of expression and opinion," Afifa told Reuters after receiving the price.
"I work to understand my Asian, American, Western and Arabic work, because caricature is for me a universal art, not an identity or a nationality, just like music."
The Mahmoud Kahil Award was established in 2014 and is presented annually by Mu & # 39; taz and Rada Al-Sawaf for Arabic films at the American University of Beirut. The award bears the name of the late cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil (1936-2003).

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