graphic artists in the arab countries

Migrating, shouting, dreaming

Stories of migrants in the eyes of the Mediterranean cartoon

Curated by Valerio Bindi, Simona Gabrieli, Matteo Stefanelli

The great journey of migration contains many stories. The dramas of war, the fragility of work but also the curiosity towards unknown places and the energy of change.

What are the challenges of the journey, and what are the desires and fears of those who emigrate today, from Africa and the Middle East to the north of the Mediterranean? Born from a stimulus of the Comicon 2011 Magister, Gipi, an exhibition - in collaboration with Crack! Festival and Alifbata Editions - investigates the experience of migrants, told by comics that have represented the point of view of "travelers".

Between direct testimonies and journalistic inquiries, but also imaginary adventures and dreamed-up fragments, the work of 12 Italian, Middle Eastern and African authors, for the first time together, to offer a new look at a key theme of our times.

With works by: Gipi, Barrack Rima, Marco Rizzo and Lelio Bonaccorso, Francesca Mannocchi and Gianluca Costantini, Othman Selmi, Migo, Nadia Dhab, Maya Mihindou, Ahmed Ben Nessib, Salim Zerrouki.

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