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Doing comics - A talk with Karen Keyrouz and Tracy Chahwan

Karen Keyrouz is a comics artist and illustrator based in Beirut. She launched her first graphic Novel "Flux et Reflux" (2018) with ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts), where she earned her master’s degree (2015). She also published several short comics like "The 8th sleeper" (Samandal-Expermientation, 2018) “Urine" (Lyon BD-France, 2018), and "Have a Seat” (Zeez collective, 2017).
Co-founder of Zeez collective and a member of Samandal Comics, Karen is in a continuous search of her tormented city Beirut, her work mainly focuses on autobiographical and psychological themes.

Tracy Chahwan’s first graphic novel "Beirut Bloody Beirut” (Marabulles, 2018) tells the story of two girls lost in Beirut at night. In addition to that, she has worked on multiple short comics also marked by dark humor and chaotic urban experiences. Her illustration work focuses mainly on music visuals for bands, record labels and underground music collectives such as the Beirut Groove Collective.
This talk is organized as part of the curriculum for M2 students, 'Lectures' course, Spring 2018-2019.
It is also an open talk, so please join us.
Exceptionally, the talk will take place at Mansion - Zkak el Blatt.

تنظّم هذه المحاضرة في سياق منهاج طالبات وطلّاب الماستر 2، ضمن صف «محاضرات» ربيع 2018-2019.
إلّا أنّ الدعوة أيضاً مفتوحة، فتفضّلوا بمشاركتنا!
استثنائياً، ستقدّم هذه المحاضرة في منشن - زقاق البلاط.