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Beirut Animated 5 بيروت متحركة

Beirut Muta7arika is a decade old! Long live Beirut Muta7arika!

In 2009, Metropolis made the decision to collect all the animation films scattered here and there at various festivals and give them their own collective home, allowing audiences to sample the best of what the animation world had to offer at a single event. And thus was born Beirut Muta7arika.

We are returning in our 5th edition with a new aim: to expand Beirut Animated, to widen its scope in order to encompass the new landscape of animation,much changed since the inception of the festival. As this edition’s creative directors, Joan Baz and Fadi Baki, would like Beirut Animated to become a meeting point between the artists and the businesses, the talent and the hardware innovators, working year-round to support and develop the field of animation in all its forms.

We have a delicious program for you this year, so keep an eye out on this page for the latest on how Beirut is going to be Animated.