graphic artists in the arab countries

The Lebanese comics collective Samandal receives the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab culture El colectivo de cómic libanés Samandal recibe el Premio UNESCO-Sharjah para la cultura árabe

UNESCO will deliver the 16th Sharjah Prize for Arab culture. There will be two winners in 2019: the British festival Shubbak and the Lebanese comic strip collective Samadal which also received this year the alternative comic prize at the Angoulême Festival. A fair recognition of a work of innovative creation, open to the world and in constant process of renewal.


Founded in 2007, Samadal has published magazines and books in Arabic, English and French drawn mostly by women and men living in Arab countries. The collective also organizes exhibitions, workshops and meetings not only in Lebanon but also in Europe. Samandal has been awarded several times in the FIBDA (International Festival of Comics of Algiers) and is one of the main actors who have managed to give impetus to the comic in countries where the expression is not always free or where the drawing is usually watched with suspicion by political and religious authorities.

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