graphic artists in the arab countries

An exhibition of different cartoonists, Arab and outside illustrators

Until Sunday at the festival CRACK fumetti dirompenti-Rome Festival of Drawn and Printed Art at the Csoa Forte Prenestino in Rome you will find an exhibition of different cartoonists, Arab and outside illustrators (part of the exhibition already exposed to the comicon Don't panic, I translated the stories in Italian for you...
One of the authors, Othman Selmi, came directly from Tunisia with his box box and with the latest productions of the tunisian collective Lab619. Find both him and the exhibition (and maybe me too, if you really keep us) in the so-called underground "Cathedral" - next to the Portuguese who put records and afghan artist malina suliman who, if you want to know how it feels, To wear burqa for a quarter of an hour...
Also you can find some of the stories on display, more material, in the publication of this year's festival, edited as always by Fortepressa: it's a collection of comics that turn into posters, made by Barrack Rima (Lebanon), othman Tunisia), Zahraa Kareem (Iraq), Nadia Dhab and nidhal ghariani (Tunisia), Maya Mihindou (Gabon), Yvan Alagbé (France / Benin), Bambi Kramer (Italy) and Sandra Ghosn (Lebanon). This last one also designed this year's Crack Poster!
I recommend, stories and shows are read from right to left... because it's right to reverse the brain course sometimes and get out of our borders. Not at all this edition of crack, " open ", it's the second of a trilogy dedicated to " decolonization "!