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"Politique" by Mazen Kerbaj is in France Inter's list of "12 comics for the summer"

SELECTION - What comic book to read at sea, in the mountains, or in the countryside? A historical fresco full of breath? The splendid monograph of a great author? A collection of humor to the Lebanese? The adventure of a women's football team that's crazy? The story of a converted ex-sister?

Lebanese black humor, "Politics" by Mazen Kerbaj

His book starts with, on the cover "I think, so ..." The following is discovered on the back cover: "... so I'm no longer", with the drawing of a decapitated man. With this tribute to his friend Samir Kassir, an intellectual murdered in 2005 for his ideas, cartoonist Mazen Kerbaj wields caustic black humor. It must be said that the complicated situation of Lebanon lends itself perhaps better than another to humorous criticism.

In Politics, a funny and breathtaking album, the Lebanese press cartoonist, also a trumpet player, born during the civil war years, has been bombarding the politics and society of his country as well as his compatriots ("It's a shame May God have created the Lebanese ").

Then everything goes on in a huge burst of laughter: the weapons present in every home, the pressure of religions, cultural divisions, freedom of the press, censorship, racism of the Beirut bourgeoisie, the nearby Syria or the Origin of hummus ... Indispensable