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Le Lab619 édite une BD qui se lit sur les murs à Sousse !

The team of Lab619, the Tunisian comics magazine for adults, made a stop in Sousse in BD & Street Art mode. For 3 days, the collective LAB619 developed on the walls of the Tourist Office of Sousse a comic strip readable while walking in the street.

"At the Lab we had the idea to draw a complete comic on the walls for people to read on the street by the way ... 6 full pages were drawn in large format on the walls and a giant mural on the entrance, work of several designers. Everyone has made a party with his style! "Says Mourad Ben Sheikh Ahmed, a scriptwriter Lab619.

This Lab619 artistic project is part of UV.2, the 2nd edition of Utopies Visuelles organized in Sousse by Elbirou Art Gallery from June 19 to July 21, 2019.
UV.2 is an artistic project whose objective is to contribute to the development of cultural tourism in Sousse and to diversify the artistic offer to its inhabitants.

This is to invest the public space with comic strips that tell a collective story and ends with the fresco, says Nadia Dhab who developed the drawings with the participation of Abir Gasmi, Kamel Zakour, Aroussi Tabbena, Rim Bouras, Nada Dagdoug and Helmi Bardaa.

The Lab619 mural comic in Sousse humorously treats the story of an intergalactic and capricious taxi that sees customers of all kinds. He takes each time a customer and each to his anecdote to tell with winks to the daily Tunisian but transposed in the galaxy.

The Lab619 is currently preparing a new album, which is expected to be released soon, probably in parallel with the 23rd edition of the Tazarka comic book festival, which runs from August 20 to 24, 2019.

Sara Tanit