comics artists in the arab countries

Tracy chahwan
/ ترايسي شهوان
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Tracy Chahwan is a comic book artist and illustrator. Her first graphic novel “Beirut Bloody Beirut” is published by Hachette (collection Marabulles) in France. Besides that, she has worked on multiple short comics, including “Stray Girls” (Waraq, 2017), “Don’t you know who my mother is ?” (Samandal, 2017), and “The Suicide”. In 2017, she co-founded the Lebanese comics collective “Zeez” along with five other illustrators. Her illustration work mainly focuses on visuals for underground music venues and groups, like Yukunkun club and The Beirut Groove Collective. In march 2018, she won the Mahmoud Kahil award in the “Graphic Illustrations” category.