Walid Taher
le port a jauni
Story written by Salah Jahine Illustrated by Walid Taher Philosophical, humorous, playful quatrains always end with an unexpected exclamation 'agabî! (which could be translated "how bizarre!" or "Strange no !?"). The poems are written in Egyptian dialect and play with this popular and picturesque language. These quatrains are a reflection on life, death, time passing, innocence, the absurdity of the world, its origin, its reason for being and cruelty ... If the themes are universal and question both the East and the West, the formulation and images of poetry are typical of Egyptian humor, colored by a constant "maalich" (a concept composed of fatalism and nonchalance). Thus the Roubayiat are at the same time an existentialist mediation and an invitation to travel. This collection offers a selection of fifteen poems from the two hundred and twenty that make up the work of Salah Jahine, translated into French for the first time and published in a bilingual version.
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