The Solar Grid
Self Published
Set nearly 1000 years after a global flood, THE SOLAR GRID tells of an Earth basked in eternal daylight, made possible by a vast network of satellites that orbit the globe, transforming it into a solar-powered factory for Mars. But two orphans, Mehret and Kameen, who rummage through the wastelands of Earth in search of lucrative artifacts, come upon an item that will alter Earths relationship with Mars forever. THE SOLAR GRID is an ambitious graphic novel by Ganzeer that explores the relationship between industrialism, enviornmentalism, colonialism, and race-relations on a spacefaring scale. After serializing the first 3 chapters online over the course of 2016, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to help fund producing the remainder of the book and publish it in hardcover format. Having met the crowdfunding target, THE SOLAR GRID is now geared for publication in its entirety by late 2021, published by Ganzeers own Mythomatic imprint, followed shortly by a Korean edition from Huud Books out of Seoul, South Korea. In the meantime however, digital installments will continue to be offered at Already it's claimed the title of my favorite comic series of 2016 and one of my favorite science fiction comics of all time. PATRICK LAROSE, COMIC BASTARDS [THE SOLAR GRID] is an intoxicating, ambitious read, and each installment brings new angles and exciting concepts to the story. MARK ALLEN, FLICKERING MYTH A dire environmental warning. FOREIGN POLICY
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